I donated to one of Soliders Angels about 3 years ago. I just gotten some money and felt bad that when my brother was in Marine Corps i didn't send care packages ect.

I  sent stuff to adobted Solider in Iraq, and sent some more stuff to his unit. But I never heard from him or his unit. i kina wished i could have sent it to my brothers friend in Iraq about two years later. 

I also listened to a glen Beck special (he was on CNN at that time) about a hospital in Iraq and contacted the Organitation again and ask if they had someone there, they did and told me to send it to thier lady thier. I put a care package together with candy, toys and coloring books, dvd player, some tv shows to dvd of local programing and mailed it.  I mailed it and and sent a card and stamped so i could get a reply if got it. 

To this day i haven't got a e-mail, note or mail saying they got it.

I don't know if any care paks made someone happy or cheer someone up. Or if a kid

got to use the cars i sent or play with chauk ect. 

Now the fundsare gone, I am working a part time job now and thinking about money i donated and wonder about things and these donations.I  went through all money so can't help anyone out so please don't ask, things seem to tight.

I been debating posting this  article also.

I question wheather i was stupid in doing these things. I don't requet it.

I wish i could say, I had a penpal from Iraq that got these and said it was useful or enjoyful something but nothing came from it.


I meet this man out side McDonalds and he was homeless and vet. I baught him

dinner and gave him a few bucks and i felt better for that action then some of the above actions friend had given me some money so i had a few bucks at time..

I was fustrated about this when i did the support the troops podcast  so i that why decided to pull it and recreate.it. It should be up shortly.

I do think if you run into a Vet you could ask where they were, if they want they tell you if not just tell them thanks for thier service and have a great day. 




Veterans Day

in United States

 Please make sure if you see a Vet to thank them for thier service to country.

Also inquire where they served and what they did..

I personaly appricate all Service the Verterans have done for country..

My dad, uncles and brother are veterans and i am proud of them.

Have a great day

Space / Michael G.







On September 26-27, 2009, a crowd

 of Biker Clubs, Motorcycle Ministries,

Enthusiasts, and just plain good ol' folk
will join together for a good time and lots

of fun and a good cause - US Marine

Corps' Toys for Tots

Benifiting :

giveaway bike
I didn't get to attend this event.
I Hope that they had a successful Event  and raized alot funds for Toys for tots !

Upcoming Events you might like to attend..

this is off the flyer I got
this Saturday after Parade

America supports you Texas
Our Military Men and Women



Directly after the Tri-State Fair

in Amarillo Texas

8th & Buchanan

Directly across from downtown postoffice

Sponcered by

Great Body Shop:


Advance Collision

Body Shop

"Tow it to Bernard's"

Bar-B-Que Sandwich-drinks-chips only
$5.00 Coca Cola

All proceeds gp tp Support the Texas

Veterans Honor flight

to Washington D. C.  Sign up to Win a

2009 Chevy Silverado Pickup

For $10

I may and may not if work doesn't interfer
or funds might be problem (gas,food ect.) did attend read update....

Sponcered in part by Good folks @ Westgate Chevorlet and Cadillac


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Have a great Memorial Day

Tell the Troops

Thank You

We Support You!

Now hava great day :)





Please click on links below for more INFO:

Spacsbox/ Michael G./ Space are not affilated with any of these Organizations but do believe in thier work.

I have not been in service but have had father and helpful uncle in Navy and brother in Marine Corp. I also have few brother friends serving now in Iraq. 



Operation Home Front 

Donate to : Operation Home Front  




You can donate or write someone a letter.


America Supports you


Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

you can donate to them here:

Intrepid Fallen heroes Fund Donate


Soldiers Angels


Donate to: Soldiers Angels


Operation Recovery

for PSD in San Diego CA




 My previous Podcast on subject.. 

Tells you how i Supported the troops and how you can too


God Bless and Best Regards,

Michael Space G.