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Repost from Soldiers Angels E-mail I got.


1792 East Washington Blvd.
Pasadena, CA  91104
(626) 398-3131
"I am astonished by a group called "Soldiers' Angels." This organization is unbelievable. It's cared for by great Americans with true character that empathize with our sacrifice. It impacts soldiers.
I've seen them stop what they are doing, sit on their cots and start reading their cards from a complete stranger that simply says - "Thank You" in their own words. It's because of you and the people of Soldiers' Angels that we endure the unendurable. I will close with a note from a Soldiers' Angels Card - "May No Soldier Go Unloved."
-- LTC Thomas D. 
michael, Thank you!  You are making a wonderful difference in the lives of our soldiers!!!
Dear michael,

Thanks to your generosity Soldiers' Angels has been providing aid and comfort to American military personnel and their families since 2003.
Now I need your help more than ever. 
As we enter the brutal summer months, our soldiers desperately need immediate help.
Summer desert temperatures in Iraq can spike up to 140 degrees! Even a relatively cool day in the summer averages about 120 degrees!
With this extreme heat, our soldiers are counting on us to help them in their time of need.
That's why I need your urgent support to send tens of thousands of COOLING SCARVES so that all of our soldiers have at least one.
The "magic" in these COOLING SCARVES comes from hundreds of tiny, hidden polymer crystals.

When they are soaked just 15 minutes in cold water, they swell up with that water and stay ice cold.

They are designed to stay cold for 48 hours. But in the searing desert heat of Iraq, they typically cool a soldier for about 15 hours before needing to be "recharged" in water.

When a soldier wraps a COOLING SCARF around the back of their neck, it has an incredible cooling effect . . . making the overwhelming heat bearable again.

To help in this project and to support all of our vital programs please click here to make your donation.
Thanks to your critical support we have sent over 350,000 care packages, over 8,000 back packs filled with personal and hygiene items to our wounded warriors, and over 10,000 blankets of hope.
And with over 150,000 soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan we MUST continue to provide for our troops who bravely serve our country. 
Please remember, our soldiers are thousands of miles away from home and greatly miss their families, loved ones and the simple comforts of home.
That's why your support is so critical. 
YOU can help us continue to show our love, respect and admiration for these brave men and women who risk everything for our freedom.
I greatly appreciate all of your loyal support and wanted to share with you ways you can help serve our soldiers in need.
How YOU Can Help:
1)  Adopt a Soldier
2)  Join a Soldiers' Angels Team
3)  Donate 
1) Adopt a Soldier:
There are currently 939 Soldiers that need to be adopted.
To adopt a soldier you must commit to sending a card or letter each week and 1 or 2 care packages a month. For more information on adopting a soldier, please click here.
2) Join a Soldiers' Angels Team:  
If you unable to adopt a soldier at this time, but still would like to help in other ways, please consider joining one of the many Soldiers' Angels teams or programs. To find out more information please click here
3) Donate:
If you want to help financially, please consider another generous donation.  Each donation, no matter the size, will help us provide aid and comfort to our troops.  To donate now please click here
Thanks again!  Our wonderful troops are so appreciative of your loving support.
Please help in any way you can.
Patti Sig
Patti Patton-Bader
If you have difficulty using the link above to donate, please copy and paste the link below into your browser:





Send Monetary Donations:

Soldiers Angels
1792 E. Washington Blvd
Pasadena, Ca 91104


Ship Donated Items:

(click here
for more about donating items)

Soldiers' Angels
914 Tourmaline Drive
Newbury Park, CA 91320



Soldiers' Angels
112 Greenhill Road
Ramseur, NC 27316

Please see our privacy policy here.

Setup A Monthly Donation:

$5 Monthly Donation

$25 Monthly Donation

$50 Monthly Donation

$100 Monthly Donation


What is Holiday for Heroes?
It is this : 

In homes across America, there will be an empty chair this holiday season.  The man or woman usually sitting in that chair is in the military, serving overseas.  There is no family Christmas or Chanukah for those brave soldiers.  The Soldiers' Angels family wants every deployed hero to know they are remembered and appreciated during the holidays.

Please help Soldiers' Angels deliver a gift and personal holiday message into the hands of all the deployed men or women this DecemberWe are committed to providing Holiday Gift Bags for every soldier, Marine, airman and sailor deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as those working or recuperating in a Combat Support Hospital. That's around 140,000 gifts to purchase, assemble, and ship around the world. This is a big challenge but with your support and our wonderful group of hard-working volunteers, it's possible. Each Christmas gift bag contains either a Soldiers' Angels stainless steel mug or a Christmas stocking, with white socks, a 150 minute International Pre-Paid phone card, hot cocoa mix, hot cider mix, power bar, Christmas candy, and a hand-written Christmas card. The cost is $10 per mug or stocking, or $25 with goodies and overseas shipping included. For our Jewish soldiers, we will also be sending Chanukah gifts, kosher goodies and hand-written Chanukah cards.

Can you sponsor one or a few? Can you send a Christmas or Chanukah card with a personal message of support and holiday wishes? Can you donate requested items to include in Holiday for Heroes Gift Bags?

How You Can Help Brighten the Holidays for Our Troops

Initial deadline is October 31, and we will continue to accept donations through mid-December. We begin packaging and shipping Holiday for Heroes Gift Bags in early November, so our holiday season is here already!   
Soldiers' Angels is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor.  
Thank you for helping bring a little joy and happiness to these soldiers' lives this Holiday Season!

I adopted a  Soldier with Soldiers' Angels.. I am very thankful of our troops and the American Spirt to To make things Happen! Without Our Warriors we would not be free. So Support and believe in them. Space..

Happy 4 of July!

to help Our soilders in the Field..

You could ..

Adopt a Soldier


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