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I mailed cards out to army walter reed, also did you?

and my local VA hospital :)

Did you?


I personaly was glad i mailed a card.

I feel i possibly failed getting them more cards possibly.

They are doing a job and doing it well, I don't know if i could do it.

Videogame vilence i can handle, but war is something totally different.

Update: 01-15-2010

Bad News today

I went to check mail at P.O. Box and recieved 2 cards i Mailed to above address return

to sender more information requested. They were not opened. bad news indeed..

My guess with Teriosim and bad people they don't accept cards and hand them out..


I didn't recieve yet the one mailed to Doctors and Nurses and Support Staff C/O Walter Reed so it could have made it through and hopefully cheer up some people.

and lastly

The one mailed to  Local V.A. wasn't returneds so i guess it found someone too.