Muti Operating Systems on USB from CD ISO's?


i thought not a easy thing to do..

I was trying ultiamte Boot CD for Windows but Ubuntu no go.

Did have a issue with getting knoppix to work with below solution

I was wrong..

How to Boot Multiple ISO Files from USB

Download MultiBootISOs Download MultiBootISOs

HASH MD5: C28AA2726E62011EDBFD53A33E43BBE3

  1. Run* MultiBootISOs- following the onscreen instructions
  2. Run the tool again to Add More ISOs/Distributions to your Drive
  3. Restart your PC setting it to boot from the USB device
  4. Select the ISO you want to Boot from the Menu and enjoy!

That's all there is to it. You should now be booting your favorite ISO files from your Multi-Boot USB device!

* Make sure any active windows are closed for your USB drive letter when first running this tool, or fbinst will fail and your USB will not boot to menu!

Very easy too

just download the program

and it will auto download most iso to your pc and then install that into a USB drive.

The drive has to be formatted so make sure nothing valuable is on it.

I personally like

Ubuntu 10.04

SLAX 6.1.2

Kubuntu 10.04 if your a educator


Recommend a 4 gig usb stick.



its pretty neat.



Iphone Light

He was trying to charge it but had issues and brought it to me..

I writing this because i couldn't find fix online so i listed here.

I couldn't get the phone to stop looking light a white light (flash light bright).

No icons

no background

just a white light.

I connected it pc and later itunes and beep and show up on screen.

with his name ect and i could broze the phone (pics only).

Still it was a light. (flash light bright).

I wanted to update/ restore it but I couldn't because  i didn't want him to loose his new purchases if there were any there. He has no laptop or computer just this Iphone.

I tried turning off and on and wouldn't do a thing.

I finally put into recovery mode( I read this and this is better graphics)buy pushing the power (top button and stroking

light bottom area of phone above the button then push the top button and bottom center button

tell the apple showed up . It was great. I turned it off again and reconnected with itunes on and

poof it worked  and you could see the icons, programs and ect.

Hope this helps someone (Like You)  in with this same problem.