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  I had the Oportunity to house Sit for some family in Carls Bad. They are great people and pratical too.

I took off a day to goto a Beach.

Well in California do as the Californian's do. 

  I went to Carls Bad State Beach the week of July 4 

Here are the photos'

Went from Vons walking to Carlsbad State Beach -- Tamarack State Beach.\

The walk wasn't a difficult one. It was 1 to 2 miles but very pretty as seen below. 
Google Map 



Cars driving down I-5

Cars driving down I-5 --2

Cars driving down I-5 -- 3



Pink one too

Whites one on tree

Dived Street


Rail Road cool

Yellow Flowers

Got to Beach

Don't Feed the Animals

American Flag Cool

Path down to Beach

Looking at path

Looking at Left side path


Cool pathway by beach

Alot Foot Prints

loooking left

Looking right

Nice Sun tents and food at Beach :)