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I went to the fair in Del Mar. When I arrived I relieved to find it to be San Diego State Fair.

I came this time for Dewhite Yokum    Concert. I wanted to goto a country concert. The concert did not start tell 7 pm and I arrived at 4 pm so I decided that I would walk around and check out the food and exhibits. I was really impressed with the local flowers, and animals and local photography. You can look in my photo gallery and see the pictures from this visit. The fair food looked really tasty but my budget at the time was $5 because I was short on cash. I bought some nachos and sat and rested and watched people as they walked by. Some people spend a lot at the fair. I impressed how many food types were around and how really tasty they were by look of the people eating them. I went to concert and the concert was fun and we got to sit in seats people sit in for the Horse races held every late July after the Fair.

Click here for Photo Gallery of San Deigo State Fair







I later came to a Trick Pony concert and a week later. I wanted to thank the guy that let me have his trolley/bus pass so I could travel from train station to the fair. I noticed that I missed seeing the Woodworking and jewelery and other crafts. Some of woodworking would be welcomed in any home across the country for quality of build and techniques used. I had also forgotten my camera so I have no beautiful pictures of these fine works of art.

This event happened in late June and early july. sorry for late post.