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I went through some boxes in my apartment and found this. I think i still really like it.

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Blue Eyes and Stars

By The Hopeless Romantic Stargazer

Written in 1992 by Michael Gulde

Dedicated to Tonya,Leslie, other girls I dated in 1990's

Yours eyes our like stars

the stars that live in my heart

My Heart needs guidance threw those stars

Those stars are like beacons

Directing each step I take

Those steps our threw rough water's

The waters surges up and down

like a Hurricane that hits land

So I look to those eyes

that lite my fire in my heart

The heart which you have keys

and all you have to do is turn the key

to the tight door upon which

You'll See the miracle of Love

The Love in which en wholes your heart

The Heart witch I like

I love, and I hopeful spend the rest of our

Natural lives with...

Because those Blue Eyes our like Stars

that enchant my eyes and my Heart