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My Review of Get Motivated! Fort Worth
by Michael G. aka Space

after arriving from Residence Inn by Marriott Fort Worth Cultural District.
We as group (Howard, Michael G, Robert G, Marvin and Larry went through the front doors at Fort Worth Convention Center.
I will try to put some pictures up that i took. They had 12 speakers to have us listen to. ( Some were brought/came in last minute.)
It was very nice to attend. I was lucky that a friend covered for me at job so that i could attend. Otherwise i would had to work and
miss this conference with this economy like it is and my funds how they are. I took these pictures with a cannon dsl at 1600 ISO with 50 mm lens (Don't have larger lenses).It was dark and most pictures are from thier projection screen. I wrote all my notes on 5 subject binder no recording other than y camera pictures. I used no voice or video recording per the ticket. Didn't ban camera..




Speakers as Fallows:
-- What i thought the speech was about
mg -- my thoughts of speeches or notes..
  1. Robert Schuler: Crystal Cathedral-- cut out Word "Impossible"
  2. Rick Bozilla : Quantum CEO and formerly Microsoft and HP -- Recreating yourself and personal responsibility
  3. John Walsh: America's Most Wanted "America Fights Back"-- taking back streets
  4. Colin Powell: Sec of State of USA and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989–1993)-- leadership and recreating yourself
  5. Phill Town:Investor -- Invest Tools and investing
  6. Tamera Lowe: She created "Get Motivated Speaker tour" and Author of: Get motivated!.-- Motivational DNA
  7. George W. Bush: President of United States 1990-1998 and Texas Governor  and business man -- leadership and family
  8. Terry Badshaw: NFL and NFL Football TV-- comedy and NFL and leadership
  9. Dave Smith: Real Estate Investor-- Real Estate, Investing and Helping one Another and Respect for Troops and Giving Back.
  10. Zig Ziglar: Motivational Speaker and Author --Speaking and Family and life challenges
  11. Rudy Giuliani: Mayor of New York on 911 -- Leadership
  12. Dr. Orel Mc Dell --Health and Wellness

Thanks You Notes:


What is special about a Thank You and Thank You Notes. It builds a bridge between two people. It lets someone whom done you a favor know that you appriated. It trys to rebuilds connections after you left a employeer or after you gone through a application or interview process. It is a nice thing to do. It can make you both feel better for the day. After you recieved a gift it lets them know that you recieved it. It builds connections in your head to thier address and person as a whole. This is what a Thank You Note means to me. I will try to send one if i can afford it. I have access to address i will send a thank you note. I do not want to affend but to thank you for your purchase or service ect.

Thanks and have a great Day,



I been pondering my future and sometimes.

I post something like this as placeholder.

thanks and check old posts.

I went to Hilton Garden Inn here in Amarillo Texas for a  Free Rich Dad Education , Your guide to get out of the Rat Race.
The Course was "Choose to Be Rich Course" and you got a Free Gift: Budgeting your Money and Increasing your Financial IQ.
I have not had a chance to review "Budgeting your Money and Increasing your Financial IQ".

First thing to say:
I walked into Hilton Garden Inn and it was Pretty and Modern Inn. It was very clean and refreshing appearance.
The staff seemed friendly and helpful. Might be a good place to visit while visiting Amarillo Area.

Next on the Course:

It was given by Apprentice Jessie Conners. She showed us a PowerPoint Slide presentation. She told me about through the course
you would learn about opportunities, get the Knowledge and put that into action. She had with her actual deals in Investing Real Estate and we could
 look through them after she finished her presentation. She also spoke about Cashflow and  or 1031 exchanges
 She recommended people to read Warden Buffets book : Snowball . I have not read it yet. She liked this quote:
 Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy.

She told us about meeting Both Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki at different times.

She spoke about Morages and Foreclosures and 2007 and 2008 are at record levels. She told facts that 10% > 90% of the countries wealth.
She spoke of responsibility to self. She also spoke about Identifying opportunies in Investing in Real Estate, Stocks and Mining and Tax Certificates.
She mainly spoke about REO own properties that is Real Estate Owned by Bank and could be bought possibly at good price and Knowledge it takes to
to do just that. She spoke about capital, location -- location -- location and leverage. How you could manage your property from a distance.
She also spoke about Rich Education other 12 classes they provide. We after class were invited to buy the course and see her purchases and
listen to additional ideas if we bought the course. I did not have funds so i went home with my free gift. It was nice way to spend a day off work. 

It was pretty informative meeting. I been before to a Trump Institute Meeting and this meeting was just as good.
thanks for reading this and I will be updates when i watch "Budgeting your Money and Increasing your Financial IQ".



 Those Nasty Bonuses

I think the bonuses should be given back by people whom recieved them but not forced to by Legal or Taxed to death methods. I also believe that A.I.G. should be broken up and sold. Why broken up and sold? Because they have  shown through actions now that they see no end to our American Tax Payer Support. They act like Fortune 500 company that trades for 35 dollars a share not a strugling company that trades $1.50. I think that A.I.G. is great American company but needs a spanking.  A spanking could be they vounteering to return the bonuses. They, from what I have read have already chosen to do just that. Next by possibly spinning off of Profitable devisions and  sale of property of investments or properties. A.I.G. might still make it out of this current situtation like chrysler did. But now we have chrysler needing hand too so it may never end.  I stll believe that these and other American companies can turn it around with the right person leading them and by working real hard to turn thier company around. Sometimes, I think they need to look in side the company and find thier rough necks or Michael Dells or Bill Gates.

Next, I do not want any Bills pasted in Congress for taxation of Bonous at 90%. That is Taxation without Representation. What next could occur is a postal worker tax raised from 15 to 45% because he works for company controled by government.. It opens the door for greedy congress to get thier hands on to American wallets.  So I Say


On Taxation of Bonouses.

Later and have a Great Week