Well been  a buzzzy week so sorry i haven't done my job.

I wanted to create a lot articles and content but work and registering for school been a lot time consuming things to do.

work. It also different from going to show and getting content off web.

I went to the show in 2007 and hope to return in 2013 maybe. I got down because

 i wasn't there.

I am creating some content now.


aand also this video

saw this orginally at WinBeta (great site full of true bata news)

This pretty cool muti-touch windows based window. neat thing is when you come home it can stream say your netflixs or watch you local TV channels or have your hotel know where to pickup a person using google maps ect.


kinda boring guy but he gets the point accross..)


this off youtube..

Gorilla Glass Demo at CES 2012 pretty cool. I seen so many Iphones that could use this. or Android phones to make it where the glass doesn't break when you drop it. looks like cool demo.

SmartWatch from Sony looks like apple nano on watch but its not.

it works with android and pretty cool. The guy there explains it in begining and end about

being aware what new technology can do. I like it if i had a new android smart phone.


I missed the show but will report
as promised:

CES 2012 Started today

more to come later :)


help me get to CES 2012

ditto on first 3 trys 

still would love to go :)

Asked off (done)

asked off for  9-15 of january done double checking monday,,1/1

debating on taking loan..

got my ces badge and stuff to get in..check

(taking new vacation time next month)..check

will be going if christmas mircle happens if not -Hope is still alive..

i might go and say in hostel or ect get into debt.

I ask for sponsership from 3 major players in las vegas but i don't think anything

will happen but it could. i done few reviews of stuff on camera and windows 8 dev.

I am looking into financing and luck financing (surveys at walmart ect).

i have vaction time i taking off week before xmas because i has to be used or lost.

I would rather work and cash it in..for this trip tho family is on way so i bet i have

a great time and i love being uncle and still trying to put together funds to take care

xmas gifts here...

Michael 12-16-2011

will probly put a wish list later..this weekend or next week..

please donate if you want ces coverage



my other ces coverage for your viewing pleasure :)

Help me get to CES2011

I am still trying to get to Ces 2011

and any events in vegas from 6-9

Ces is electronic hardware and i love eletronics..

Can't buy it but sure do like it. i cover it on my twitter feed.

I plan to do web coverage if everything works out or not.

If make it to vegas then i report after close of each day.

Still need a camera for youtube coverage/ flash videos.

Last year I asked off a month in advance and then i didn't go.

I will probly still request off. I might not get with work being very fast  past few weeks.

I could still need a Sponsor/ great donation or ???

(click on donate on the bottom of page)


(updated 1/04/2010) i did request off, after i wrote this

i got off on Thurs night to -Sunday i think,,.

still funding issue and place to stay and food..

so probably just reporting from pc.


but maybe could goto work if they call me in.. Working is always fun,

rewarding and taking care of customers is job one.


Not attending C.E.S. 2012 due to no Sponsorship


I really wanted to go.

My funds are extremely low and i could not in good faith go.

I looked into loans but wasn't approve due to my low income..

I will be reporting CES 2012 from my apartment and

try to get more hours where i work so to get a better finace situation..


  1. Jan 7 coverage of CES 2011
  2. From the Web from Space at Spacesbox.com

  1. just got home from the store after helping my friend get groceries.. now doing CES coverage :)
  2. Microsoft keynote pretty interesting where they think things are heading http://bit.ly/hQ2tJG
  3. Android Honeycomb Showcase at Verizon is pretty neat, looks like Ipad might have valid competition http://bit.ly/ePFdJt
  4. i looking through some of youtube keynotes from Ces 2011http://bit.ly/eNCUfg
  5. CES 2011 Highs by Someone that attended kinda Interestinghttp://bit.ly/eTgCsj
  6. Blackberry Playbook Tablet will it be a contender this year?http://bit.ly/eQgVxQ
  7. CES 2011 Toys at CES 2011 http://bit.ly/hRH6iF
  8. Sony CES 2011 Glasses Free 3D LCD http://bit.ly/emOXvE
  9. Hands on a Motorola Xoom Tablet http://bit.ly/hPGc8I
  10. CES People Choice Award CES 2011at Cnet http://bit.ly/haIVM6
  11. Verizon View of Broadband as Key, I also agree that broadband is the key for Consumer Electronics but i wonder costhttp://bit.ly/fjU8uF
  12. Not on Ces but how to speed up old laptop, also one last thing is might try Ubuntu Linux on it.. http://lifehac.kr/ezZbah
  13. Looks like the New Apple Mac App store is doing quite well in first 24 hours http://bit.ly/g2exCQ
  14. I don't own a smartphone yet but this i bug i been hearing alot about redirecting text messages to wrong contacthttp://bit.ly/eQroDc
  15. Like - another article if Iphone is coming to Verizon.. I think apple should open it up to all carriers.. http://bit.ly/e15r4f
  16. looks like i already talked about all the new tablets they had a CES 2011, (from web anyway).. http://bit.ly/gqeM3a
  17. Here is some of Ces Coverage from Gizmodo dot com, they got to attend CES 2011 and see some devices,toys and hdtv'shttp://gizmo.do/gVgyYS
  18. looks like some New HTDV's are getting better and better and connecting all types of video too http://gizmo.do/gmysIb
  19. looks like Apple Ipad might be getting more competition soon other than Samsung this time around http://gizmo.do/eeV2XC