I want to do a review of

Iphone 3Gs


Google Android


Black berrry Storm


WIndows Phone (coming out soon)


some other new smart phone..

and publish it to this website with pics and review..

but no phones to do reviews so if you know someone who i can talk to

email me through Contact me /feed back..

Michael G



If you want to celebrate July 4

by reading or watching a movie here a few new favorites of mine

Books the whole Series on




Movie a recently watched with a friend

rented from Hastings

and my  one of my favorite movies


Why post on July 4...

Its books about us rewinning our independence for our world..


from aliens.

I believe there is good forces and bad and in the top 3 books we did have some good aliens we traded with and help defend our world.

battle of Los Angeles was real good but i was suprised on some of the plot twists.

and Indepence day is a film that i still watch sometimes and get chills. when president in film says our worlds Independence day..


reviews of Items could be videos or Pictures