When i first got my Iphone I could not find a way to stop it shuffling my music that why i made this video.


I got to give propts Anshel for giving me a keyboard at San Diego Lan.

I also give propts to Melvin B at Logitech Support for replacing it with fully working one.

This is what i do every day with my Iphone to make it last!

This is what i do every day with my Iphone to make it last!
The secret is low battery mode.

A walk around west texas treat by Amarillo Texas:

Cadillac Ranch

It interesting. Its colorful. It Amarillo. It cars barried in dirt and spray paint.

Cooking up Stir-fry Rice with Teriyaki


Michael J Gulde aka: Space

I wanting to be creative so i took this with my Kodak  HD ZxD

I was wanting to teach people how to make Stir- Fry Rice with Teriyaki  Sauce

and i used rice cooked in Microwave container.

I placed this on You Tube and haven't gotten many hits so i decided to place it here too.


Part 1 of 14

Part 2 of 14

Part 3 of 14

Part 4 of 14


Part 5 of 14


Part 6 of 14


Part 7 of 14


Part 8 of 14


Part 9 of 14


Part 10 of 14


Part 11 of 14


Part 12 of 14


Part 13 of 14


Part 14 of 14

That's it fellas

Youtube link


I was trying to be creative but if you like this one also check out these i stir-fried for my Uncle Joe and my other family members'

I am not a professional Cook!

I do like to cook.

I would like feedback

contact me here

Michael aka Space

this is my  previous stir -fry article

Demon Dog and Jesus

One sister gave me a little dog and another gave me a cross..

I dealing with some problems and i felt that i needed a company..

I can't have a dog or pets at my current apartment due to no pets policy..

but i do have a few stuff animals that keep my company but I know they are stuff animals but i also believe that our imagation and things from our past can help us deal with future and our problems..

You can check my photogallery and see my valentines with BB bear an Dog wish few people a happy Valentine Day..


Valentines Day 2008


ok well was praying hard to God and Jesus and Holly Spirt and i made this to help me and maybe it can help you too or at least make you smile..



This is my first one with him just hanging

and me singing Jesus loves me


and this is my secound one with him swinging and having a ball


Also it shows the differences in a Kodak HDZxD and GE E1480 on video quality too.